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“Any words mean what I want them to” Demands of time, accountability and liability require a more careful consideration of common terms of reference. Good governance is no exception.

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07Feb08 US. Plain Language in Government Communications.
Representative Braley [D-Iowa] is proposing a legislated requirement for federal documents to be more easily read. [see also the SEC’s Plain English Handbook].
2007 KPMG Audit Committee Survey: 92% of <$100M indicated 50-100hrs/year for AuditCommittee time commitment; 93$ of <$100M had 3-5 directors on the Audit Committee.
08Feb07 SEC [Securities Exchange Commission] Remarks of R. Campos, refers to IOSCO “Parmalat” report which defines corporate governance as a “system of overlapping legal, regulatory, organizational and contractual mechanisms to protect the interests of the company’s owners and limit opportunistic behaviour by corporate managers who control corporate operations.”
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