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Looking at the effective use of physical plant, people and governance systems and internal controls, should we expect increased merger activity in the third sector? What does CSO mean anyway?

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11Nov07 NYT National Report: Charities Trying Mergers to Improve Bottom Line
Noting that donors are becoming more like investors and expecting a greater return on their nonprofit investments, yet with all of the natural tensions of a private sector merger but none of the incentives for individuals to walk away with bags of cash…. and mergers take time.
01July07 Help Wanted: CEO of the Smithsonian – a Bird Watcher who can Smooze
A review of the need for increased transparency, accountability and governance skills of a CEO, and of a governance committee at the Smithsonian tasked with reevaluation of the board structure around concerns of independence and fiduciary duties.
15May07 Red Cross: 125-year old Agency Transformed. Enhanced Governance, further to 2006 report, including:
• Downsizing 50 member board to 25 members by 2009, and 20 by 2012
• Creation of a Red Cross Cabinet Advisory Council
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