The Principled Governance™ approach is based on an understanding of governance across a spectrum of organizations and communities, which tend to be driven by different interests and different values.

Understanding these differences help us to understand different leaders' expectations and provide governance document frameworks which are more responsive to specialized organizations', communities' and joint-ventures' governance needs.

Governance Platform

Printable version: [ Principled Governance.pdf ]


Governance Platform™:
A Framework for the Effective Exercise of Informed Authority™:

1. Governance Platform Approach
  • Approach Statement
  • Briefing Notes
  • Case Studies
  • Context: Briefing Notes
  • Context: Case Studies
  • Context: Governance Literacy
  • Director Responsibilities
  • Organizations
  • Western Idea of Law
  • Context: Public/Private/Third Sector Spectrum
  • Strategic Oversight

2. Governance Platform Practices
  • Board Charter
  • Policy on Director Knowledge Management and Assessment
  • Policy on Integrity Infrastructure
  • Policy on Meeting and Agenda Management
  • Policy on Strategic Reviews and Long-Term Planning
  • Statement of Principles and Values
  • Statement of Roles and Responsibilities

3. Governance Platform: Toolkit
  • Principled Governance™ OrgChart
  • Principled Governance™ Scorecard
  • Strategic Timeline
  • Governance Platform Watchlist