The Governance Platform™ is a series of documents which balance best practices for good governance from around the world with the specific values and interests of an organization or community.

  • Specializing in hybrid enterprise planning and frameworks for more focused, timely, effective Board decisions

  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprises – Start Right
    Joint-ventures, and non-standard organizations and structures
    Private-public Partnerships and Project Governance

  • Understanding the law, business and operational implications of governance

  • Governance Platform™ Process and Documentation:
    Annual Reviews & Watchlists
    Enterprise Structures
    Governance Gap Assessments
    Governance Manuals
    Governance Policies
    Legislative and Regulatory Reviews
    Memoranda of Understanding
    Organization Bylaws
    Prior Art and Best Practices
    Strategic Review Processes
    Statements of Principles

Governance Counsel

Expert Witness



Recent Work

Principled Governance through Comparative and Hybrid Structures:

Governance Practices Status Review: UBC Board (2006)

Governance Structure Review: Professional Medical Association (2006)

Governance in the Arts: Vancouver Biennale (2006)

International Law Program: ABA, New York; delegate (2006)

Web-based Governance Management: APRIO (2006)

Private Equity Enterprise Governance (2004-2006)

Strategic Oversight Duties: Fiduciary and Care, ICD (2005)

First Nations Governance: AFOABC (2005-2006)

Expert Witness: Credit Union Governance (2005)

First Nations Governance Symposium; delegate (2005)

Heilongjiang, China, Advanced Management Program: SFU Strategic Governance Module (2004)

APRIO Board Portal: Governance Counsel for web-based board management tool launch (2004)

A comparative overview of European economic organizations and good governance (2003)

Governance Literacy in Land-Use Planning (2003)