Experts in comparative and integrated governance solutions;
Helping leaders in decision-making on boards and councils.

What do we do?

The Governance Counsel™ provides Governance Platform™ frameworks for the Effective Exercise of Informed Authority™, in boardroom and council chambers.

We provide Principled Governance™ documents based upon an understanding of the strategic oversight duties of directors and councillors.

  • Although governance consultants may come from backgrounds of human resources or accounting, our perspective is drawn from legal counsel, general counsel and operations management for legal-document frameworks

  • Strategic oversight assessment allows for the balanced effective long-term planning and periodic assessment of performance.

We look for the internal integrity of,
(1) the chain of authority from legislation to bylaws and articles to policies, protocols and practices,

(2) the chain of accountability relative to Board or Council strategic plans and oversight
among internal functions of the organization such as finance, operations, human resources, sales, management and administration.


Private Sector

Public Sector and First Nations

P3s and Third Sector


Recent Work in Principled Governance:

  • Governance Practices Status Review:
    UBC Board (2006)

  • Governance Structure Review:
    Professional Medical Association (2006)

  • Governance in the Arts:
    Vancouver Biennale (2006)

  • International Law Program:
    ABA, New York; delegate (2006)

  • Web-based Governance Management:
    APRIO (2006)

  • Private-Equity Enterprise Governance (2004-2006)

  • Strategic Oversight Duties: Fiduciary and Care,

  • First Nations Governance Program Development: AFOABC (2005-2006)

  • Expert Witness: Credit Union Governance (2005)

  • First Nations Governance Symposium; delegate (2005)

  • Heilongjiang, China, Advanced Management Program: SFU Strategic Governance Module (2004)

  • APRIO Board Portal: Governance Counsel for web-based board management tool launch (2004)

  • A comparative overview of European economic organizations and good governance (2003)

  • Governance Literacy in Land-Use Planning (2003)