P3s and Third Sector

Experts in comparative and integrated governance solutions;
Helping leaders in decision-making on boards and councils.

  • Specializing in building common sense in the challenging and growing third-sector – the non-governmental organizations of the UN, charitable and nonprofit organizations and foundations, and the network of community volunteer organizations

  • Providing governance frameworks which provide the foundation for the difficult balancing of private sector interests, public interest, special interests, and personal interests of board members, for more focused, timely, effective decisions

  • Understanding the law, business, administrative and operational implications of governance

  • Governance Platform™ Process and Documentation:
    Legislative and Regulatory Reviews
    Memoranda of Understanding
    Governance Gap Assessments
    Annual Reviews & WatchLists
    Prior Art and Best Practices
    Strategic Review Processes
    Statements of Principles
    Governance Manuals
    Governance Policies

Private Sector

Public Sector and First Nations

P3s and Third Sector

Examples of Third Sector Governance experience:

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